Preparing to market your home online with us

Preparing to market your home online with us

Once your home is ready to show, you’ll want to prepare to market it, get buyers in the door and close the sale. A few minutes following these steps here can make a big difference.

  • Create an FREE online Open House Virginia listing to generate foot traffic.

Photos are extremely important. Add as many photos as you can so potential buyers can feel as if they are walking through your property.

Write a full description of your home including as much detail as possible – you can use it online and on your flyers.

Print flyers and post them outside your home in a clear weatherproof brochure box.

Buy a few FOR SALE BY OWNER signs at the local store.

Have a mortgage loan officer present or ready by phone to help you qualify your buyers.

  • Price your home right. A professional evaluation based on comparable sales can save time and money in a changing market. Do your homework!


  • Determine if you have any Seller Contribution you want to give to any potential buyer? This is key to attracting a lot more buyers to your property because now they all can afford it!


  • Consider adding your home to as many local online websites as possible because you want to market only to local buyers looking to purchase a home in your area. Remember that in today’s market, over 51% of all properties sold are done through local website advertising. So good online web marketing for your home in today’s market is a must and can ensure maximum exposure to anyone wanting to buy real estate.


  • Have real estate contract forms on hand to accept an offer and complete the sale of your home. When selling or buying real estate it is very important, and required in most states, to have properly executed written agreements.

The Best of Luck!

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