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It’s the goal of every seller, to prepare their home so that it sells as fast as it can and for the highest price. However, not every seller takes the time to investigate what will help their home sell right away and for more money.

Sometimes it’s because they’re pre-occupied with the purchase of another home, a new job, family emergencies, etc. But if you’re thinking of listing your home for sale in the spring, then, perhaps, you have a little time to give thought to how to prepare your home to sell.

It’s an important question and there are many things that a homeowner can do to jumpstart buyers’ interest when your home hits the market.

The spring is typically the busiest time of year for selling a home. It’s also a busy time in general. Many parts of the country begin to thaw out and that means that there’s lots to be done around the yard. Your home may have lost some of its exterior shine through the cold winter months. But as the seasons change, give your home some care starting with the outside – what buyers will see first when they drive by your home.

Rake up the leaves, collect the debris around your home. Give the bushes a trim and remove dead plants. Wash your windows, clean the rain gutters, and remove any trace of holiday decor – that means those Christmas lights need to come down and not stay up year round!

Give the backyard the same kind of care and attention. If you have fountains that you didn’t use during the winter, make sure they’re cleaned up and functioning properly. If you have old patio furniture that’s rusted, either clean it up and refinish it or, maybe, donate it. Don’t let it become an eyesore to potential buyers.

Moving inside your home. You know, the routine. Declutter. I’ve written about this frequently but you’d be amazed at how cluttered some sellers’ homes are when they list them on the market. It’s like a retail store opening its doors to buyers and having all the items jumbled together. Shoppers would have a hard time discovering anything worth buying in the store. Likewise house hunters can see a home’s value when it’s clutter-free.

If you want an idea of how to prepare your home to sell, take a look at the competition. Before you list your home for sale, visit other homes on the market. See what’s popular. You might notice some big trends in your area – they may be things that you already have in your home such as hardwood floors. You might also spot decorating techniques such as layering rugs. This might be something you can try when it comes time to stage your home. It’ll give it a fresh look.

One of the most important tasks is to make sure that you have regular maintenance schedules planned. As you get closer to listing your home for sale, don’t let repairs pile up. The problems will pop up in a home inspection, so it’s better to be proactive and take care of repairs as needed. Unattended repairs can be more than just an eyesore; they can cause real damage to your home. Get a home inspection and find out where your home needs some maintenance help. Then roll up your sleeves and get started. Preparation now will save you time and money later on.

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