Organizing an open house

Organizing an open house



Reserve a trusted cleaning service for the day before your open house. If you’ve never used one before, have a trial cleaning to
make sure you get someone you really like; then request that same person to come again.
Fix chipped paint spots (outside and inside).
Plant seasonal flowers. Color helps with cub-appeal.
Repaint bold walls with neutral colors.
Unclutter closets and bookshelves.
Secure a storage facility with an open unit (or your parents’ basement).
Make plans for pets to be away 24 hours before open house.
Have rugs cleaned and floors polished.


Trim hedges.
Clean gutters.
Move excess furniture, appliances, books, clothes, and canned goods to a storage unit (basically, you want to make the house,
closets, and cabinets look as spacious as possible).
Scrub the doors and deck.
Create handouts (or make sure your Realtor does) so visitors can take information about your house with them for reference.


Hide cords (even if it means unplugging electronics).
Hide traces of a pet or a smoker (air out your place as much as possible).
Lock up your valuables.
Verify cleaning service.
Check in on the cleaning service before they leave; make sure the house meets your standards.
Place handouts by the door.
Get a sign-in sheet ready so people can write their names and email addresses.


Open drapes and curtains to get maximum light.
Turn on lights in dark rooms.
Ensure temperature is comfortable throughout house.
Straighten up bedroom and bathroom.
Create a nice scent by grinding coffee beans or by baking cinnamon roll dough in the oven on low.
Turn soothing music on at a low volume.
Leave the house if necessary or co-show with a lending expert.


When you’re finished, walk out to the street and take a look at your home.

If you were a buyer, does it invite you in for a closer look?

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