Open House VA FAQ

Open House VA FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


1.  How does Open House VA work?


Open House VA differs from traditional brokers, not in the scope of services provided, but in the dollar amount that you pay for those services.  Typical brokers charge a set fee for their services, a 6 percent commission. Our services are FREE.  This way you get to retain a greater amount of equity while still receiving all the real estate services you expect.


2.  How does our Free service work?


We believe that the traditional 6 percent commission is an outdated practice and has no correlation to the cost of performing a real estate transaction.  Our goal is to provide a FREE you the Seller and hence the saving can be passed onto the Buyer through seller contribution. We get paid through our online advertisers.


3.   Why does Open House VA work?


It’s the math. Its FREE!  Sellers appreciate the fact that our service is FREE and that they get FREE online marketing of their property.  The Buyers appreciate the fact that they get an opportunity to purchase something in the neighborhood they like and at a great price.  Our unique marketing strategies drive an unprecedented amount of traffic to our website which results in many buyers for our local listings and many new listings.


 4.  What advantages does Open House VA offer as compared to a traditional Realtor®?

First of all it’s FREE. Secondly, because there is no cost to use our service that means you probably retain more of your equity. Thirdly, if you use the Seller contribution feature, and help the buyers monetarily then a larger pool of buyers can now buy your property that before had no chance. Fourthly, our online marketing technology is state of the art.



 5.  Are there any hidden fees that I don’t know about?

No. Open House VA is totally FREE.


6.  Can a buyer’s real estate agent view your listing?

Sure. But it all depends if the Seller wants to pay that commission.  All real estate agents get paid by commission so if the Seller wants to pays out a transaction fee to the agent then you will probably get motivated agents to bring their clients.


 7.  How do I list my Home with Open House VA?

Simply fill out the Seller Intake form by clicking the link       Seller Intake

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