How the Seller can build a winning team

How the Seller can build a winning team.

Are we ready to win? Any good plan needs the right TEAM players. Here is how we can “win” by working together.

Marketing agent

Your marketing agent is your team captain. Your agent can be the star of the team but can’t do it without the help of the rest of the team. The team captain ensures that all the other players are on their “A” game and motivates the others to play hard to win.

It all starts with You

Believe it or not, you need to be a team player too. Your role is to manage the team, ensure that everyone is performing exactly how you’d like and verify that everyone is working as a unit. Meet with the team captains and go over your game plan on a daily basis. Communication and strategizing are essential when buying from a home owner.

Mortgage and Lenders

The broker/ lender piece is your most important part of your strategic offense. It all starts with the pre-approval letter that is provided by a broker/ lender. As the seller of your home this is what you are looking for to make sure your buyer is ready to go. A broker/ lender letter can provide you the comfort that no one else can match. So make sure you can trust the broker/ lender that you work with so you can close the deal.


Your appraisers are important players. You never know what to expect until you put them in the game, and they can truly be game changers. They will be sent by your broker/ lenders so make sure that you have good relationship with them first. When the appraiser does come, please be cordial and nice and remember that he does not work for you but for the lender so you will not get a copy of his work. Being professional and pleasant is the best thing you can do. Then notify your loan officer immediately after he has left your home.

Closing agent or attorney

Your closing agent or attorney is the game referee, ensuring that the deal is fair. They play an important role in making sure all the rules of the game are followed. They oversee and confirm that all the other players are doing their job so that they are able to come in and close your deal accordingly.

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