Home Moving Checklist – Simple Steps To A Stress Free Move!


6 Weeks Before Moving

1. Move your phone services. Call your provider with your new address and date of move so that your service can be moved and installed in your new property without any disruption.

2. Do you rent your home? If so give your landlord written notice of your intention to leave and your date of departure

3. Choose a removals company to handle your move. The best way to do this is using an online removals comparison website to find the best deal for your move. Try movingquotecompare.comand compare up to 6 removals companies in advance.

4.If you are not using professional movers start recruiting friends and family to help you out on the big day. Give them plenty of notice and make sure they put it into their calenders and chase them up so that you do not have any last minute cancellations leaving you high and dry.

5.Do you have things that you are not taking to your new home. It is time to start thinking about getting rid. You should book temporary storage and start moving things over to clear out your house so that you only have what you are taking.

6.Start getting rid of things you no longer need. Start binning things or maybe put them up on ebay, gumtree or freecycle.


3 Weeks Before Moving

1. Start packing non-essential items and bagging or boxing them up to save you time later

2. Contact your gas and electricity suppliers to let them know you are moving and arrange to move them over to your new address. You may even be able to get a better deal by switching to a new provider so checkout the latest deals at movingquotecompare.com.

3. Tell your water supplier that you are moving and advise them of your new address or contact the supplier in your new area to advise them of your move in date.

4. Tell your doctor and dentist if you’re moving out of the area. You can find surgeries that are taking on new patients by visiting the NHS website,

5. Get your insurance transferred over to your new address. Call your insurance company and advise them of your moving date and new property details so you are covered from the moment you move in

6. Change the address of your TV licence to your new address. Let them know the date of your move to switch this over.

7. Contact all your creditors and bill companies to advise of your imminent change of address. For anything else contact Royal Mail to request they direct mail to your new address.


1 Week Before Moving

1. Cancel milk and newspaper deliveries and advise them of your move, You may be able to switch these over to your new address.

2. Arrange for someone to look after your children or pets on the day of the move. This way you can concentrate on the job at hand without worrying about them.

3. Start telling everyone about your move. Type a standard letter which you can post to all companies with your new address details so that everything can be switched over. Remember to tell your:


  • bank
  • credit card
  • pension providers
  • DVLA
  • Inland Revenue
  • employers
  • schools
  • electoral register
  • local council.

4. Confirm your booking and details of the move with your removals company to ensure that they will be there on the day.
5. Arrange a time to collect your keys to your new home from the estate agent or landlord on the day of the move.


The Day Of The Move

1. By now you should have arranged everything in advance so there should not be too much to worry about.

2. Make some sandwiches and drink plenty of water so you can eat on the go and do not feel fatigue.

3. Let the professionals do their job and monitor everything to ensure that everything goes where it needs to.

4. Once everything is moved and you are in your new property, take a step back and relax. The hard part is done. If possible, only unpack what you need and enjoy your first night in your new home




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