Moving Checklist

Real Estate Moving Checklist 1 MONTH PRIOR TO MOVE Hire a moving company or rent a Truck company. Update your insurance policies (home, auto, and so on). Check with your insurance company to see if your belongings are covered during the move. Cancel your plans with cable telephone, newspaper, lawn, and home security companies. […]

How the Seller can build a winning team

How the Seller can build a winning team. Are we ready to win? Any good plan needs the right TEAM players. Here is how we can “win” by working together. Marketing agent Your marketing agent is your team captain. Your agent can be the star of the team but can’t do it without the help […]

Organizing an open house

Organizing an open house   2 WEEKS BEFORE Reserve a trusted cleaning service for the day before your open house. If you’ve never used one before, have a trial cleaning to make sure you get someone you really like; then request that same person to come again. Fix chipped paint spots (outside and inside). Plant […]

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