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Open House VA FAQ

Open House VA FAQ Frequently Asked Questions   1.  How does Open House VA work?   Open House VA differs from traditional brokers, not in the scope of services provided, but in the dollar amount that you pay for those services.  Typical brokers charge a set fee for their services, a 6 percent commission. Our […]

Preparing to market your home online with us

Preparing to market your home online with us Once your home is ready to show, you’ll want to prepare to market it, get buyers in the door and close the sale. A few minutes following these steps here can make a big difference. Create an FREE online Open House Virginia listing to generate foot traffic. […]

How This Works

How it works for Sellers   Educate Yourself!     This is FREE!   The biggest obstacle to home ownership in all real estate deals usually is the money!  Knowing that fact is essential to helping you sell your home quicker. Instead of paying a Realtor 6% to sell the home you can now offer part […]

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