9 Simple Tips for Selling Your House

9 Simple Tips for Selling Your House


You don’t need to invest tons of money in renovation and remodeling to sell your home. With a bit of time, energy, and a few minor changes you can give your house mass-market appeal. We identified nine cheap (and simple) tips for selling your house that might reduce the haggling, as well.




1. Less is more. Before potential buyers knock on the door, give your home some TLC. Aside from dusting and cleaning every surface, get rid of all unnecessary items. Although potential buyers are aware your house is being lived in, you want them to imagine that it’s already their home. This tip for selling your house also involves taking down family photos and hiding away examples of highly personal taste.

2. Make your rooms roomier. When prepping your home for the market, the less furniture on display, the better. By clearing out clutter — and that includes up to half of your furniture — your place will seem more spacious and more appealing. Repositioning the couch and loveseat away from the walls makes the living room look bigger. Painting the walls the same color as the drapes or the adjacent room also does the trick.

3. Go neutral. Bold colors are off the market while your home is on the market. The best (and safest) bet is a neutral color (i.e. beige, gray, white, brown, pastels, etc.). As you prepare to sell your house, remember that the buyer will want to personalize the space and a bold color could interfere with his or her imagination.


4. Create a good first impression. Potential buyers will judge your house by its outer appearance. Even if the inside of your home is lovely, a poor first impression can be a turn-off. An important tip for selling your house: Spruce up its outer beauty. Brush on a new coat of exterior paint, trim the bushes, and keep a well-manicured lawn. Consider changing the front door lock and handle if they seem unsteady.

5. Revamp the backyard. Making the yard seem like the perfect place to entertain can help sell your house. This tip calls for a bit of yard work. Do some gardening (choose drought-resistant plants — they won’t require much upkeep), add an outdoor table set, and install a few lawn ornaments.

6. Repurpose the junk room. If you have a room whose only purpose is storing excess stuff, it’s time to throw it all out and transform the space. Place that extra love seat, easy chair, and table from the living room (see tip No. 2) in the spare room and presto — a study area for the children.


7. Update the kitchen. Buyers really care about the kitchen so yours needs to look aesthetically appealing. There’s no need to undertake a complete overhaul in order to sell your house, however. Consider doing any (or all) of the following: Buy a new faucet set, order new cabinet doors or face panels, purchase new cabinet door handles, and change to more energy-efficient light fixtures.

8. Accessorize your bathroom. Simple and low-cost changes in the bathroom work to your advantage, as well. Buy a new shower curtain, replace the toilet seat, put out a nice towel set, lay out a new bathroom rug, re-grout the tile, and update light fixtures.

9. Presentation is everything. Make your house even more welcoming with flowers and other plants in all the rooms. Empty out all the trashcans and place air fresheners throughout your home. Deep clean the carpets and rugs. And a welcome mat couldn’t hurt as you try to sell your house.

By Alyssa Goldman, Cheapism.com

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