10 Legal tips when buying property

by Dinh Nguyen

Safety, habitability, functionality and comfort are components that users looking for when buying property, however it is important to look beyond. What should you look for?

In various circumstances users are bound to undergo a huge investment, you must take an economic and legal analysis that may lead to relevant evidence the brand new home security

Before developing the idea of ​​investing in a housing project, you should review the established legal terms of construction firms, this in order not to fall for any scams or exemptions from liability for any faults that constructs housing.

“Today Colombians are not as naive and learned that all buildings must have some essential conditions for being accepted as the economy, law and livability. If any of these conditions will enter the field of contractual breach sad and unfortunately it has been evident that it is the space in which builder’s best move”

1. Request all project documentation

To request the Construction copies of soil surveys, certificate of tradition and freedom of the property in which you are going to build, calculation, plans, building permits approved, policies that discriminate in detail the risks covered and all documentary media project with this information the buyer can verify that what this set is built to the current standards in the same way may have evidence in case of any conflict inconsistencies.

2. Verify the information received

It is very important that all potential buyers to check that the documentation supplied them corresponds to reality, here it is necessary to review the certificate and Commerce Chamber of Construction, financial situation, as builders backgrounds, experiences in other projects and if possible investigate the control offices home that are generally attached to the mayors on possible sanctions for breaches of the construction regulations in Colombia.

3. Property Record documented the chosen

In the time that has already decided to purchase a property, you must request that it be detailed even in its most minimal form, which will then be essential document are the exact measurements of the property, characteristics and location of the property, type of finishing and at this point is very important to know the same provider in order to know precisely the quality, type guarantees of such materials. It is important that this information click integral part of the sales contract and that usually happens when marketing different conditions that are delivered to the house is.

4. Insist on written guarantees all project information

The developer must provide all information concerning guarantees overall project, this information should contain information on the guarantees of structural and non-structural elements, as well as servicing and maintenance manuals. All this information must be provided, be read and understood to be certain that a good quality property is acquired and thus avoid unpleasant surprises at the time of receiving the property.

5. Request topographical information and control settlements

While it is true this information is technical, it will allow in the future to determine whether the settlements that are presented are correct and match those projected by the builder or begin to overcome the expected limits, which usually starts generate other damage that can be difficult to repair, as deformations in plates, tilting towers, cracks in structural and non-structural elements and more.

6. Evaluate the characteristics of the area where the project will develop

Often intuition and common sense thrown vital to make the decision to purchase a property information, but often do not attend these alerts and unnecessary risks are taken , for this reason we suggest to evaluate the characteristics of the area where it will develop the project, if it becomes apparent that is being built near a wetland , on the banks of a river or in areas where a high proportion of similar buildings , should pay more attention to building permits as many builders may be ahead constructions of ” reckless ” manner often challenging nature, thereby increasing the risk levels for people who will inhabit this area.

7. Save data sheets, flyers, artwork and promotional advertising real estate project

In most projects the only way to visualize what is a housing project , is done through models and wonderful multimedia presentations, which in most cases are taken as the sole deciding factor for purchasing a property , which in clearly could be the worst mistake , that is why it is recommended that you save data sheets , flyers, advertising and promotional illustrations of the building project , in order to not be a victim of misleading advertising and that this information could serve as member evidence if they give you is different from what is offered to this Superintendence of Industry and Commerce as well as Civil Judges , have extensive punitive powers could generate fines , suspensions and even the closure of the Construction without with the compensation of damages claim could be reached .

8. Refer to the mayors approved land use of the property where the project is developed

This recommendation is very important to take into account when buying a property because the surprises that may be you can give you a hard time, in the cities there are different uses of approved soil depending on different variables, that is why is necessary to know if in the same area can build business establishments engaged in different activities such as liquor, fun, informal or peddling among many other land uses that will be critical depending on your lifestyle and your goals.

9. Not support changing conditions of the purchase agreement verbally

Construction is very common to find that throughout the development of the real estate project , communicate with customers to vary the contractual terms , making changes as the location of the kitchen, bathroom , windows, and other divisions , it is important to note that you should not admit any change in the conditions of sale verbally because these studies require approvals and approvals by delegated authorities to ensure compliance with Building Permits, it is important to know that any change in the above mentioned you must have authorization by the authority which issued the authorization to construct , so is that any changes must be in writing and must be an integral part of the contract originally signed . Licenses are must to advance the housing project.

10. If in doubt seek expert advice

When you do not have enough experience in the purchase of property, it is important to go to professionals who can give a favorable or unfavorable concept on the legal status of the construction company, which can be a deciding factor for purchasing a property as it will be this professional who can determine if the building project meets the legal and contractual conditions sufficient to deposit not only its heritage but also their dreams and expectations. An experienced professional can prevent you from disappointment sweeps possible breaches of the construction.


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